The Green Man
Shaman's second album, this time with a lot more punch as 5 of the tracks were done with full rock band. From acoustic mysticism to Celtic rock and and a touch of the Middle East ending off with "Ancient Laws, Tribal Ways". This collection rocks and the title song, "The Green Man" composed and sung by Deirdre has been covered by other groups and loved by many for years.

Release Date: 30 Aug 1994
Cat. No: SOL894CD

Title Cost
Shaman_-_The_Green_Man $0.50
Shaman_-_Pan $0.50
Shaman_-_Raggle_Taggle_Gypsies-Abe's_Dilemma $0.50
Shaman_-_Here's_a_Health-The_Butterfly $0.50
Shaman_-_Child_of_the_Sun $0.50
Shaman_-_Midnight_Blue $0.50
Shaman_-_Can_I_Know_You $0.50
Shaman_-_High_Reel_Set $0.50
Shaman_-_Sinner $0.50
Shaman_-_Ancient_Laws_Tribal_Ways $0.50

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