Live! Hobbit Day! 1992
One of our annual "Hobbit Day" celebrations at the Wetlands Preserve, New York City. We were advertised as "Celtic Hippie dancing" and we packed them in. What a great time, what great shows. This is a live recording from the Wetlands from 1992 of Shaman as a full 7 piece band Celtic rock group par excellence with Bill Oleson, hammer dulcimer from NY Renaissance Faere at that time. We have a Tom Scanlon, that brilliant and crazy Pisces Irishman on flute, Christa Patton stunning everyone on tin whistle, and of course, our regulars Terry, John, James, Deirdre and myself... What a blast we had! I called it 'The "Chieftons on acid" sound'—sizzling and fairy inspired!

Release Date: 29 Sep 1992
Cat. No: SOL992CD

Title Cost
Shaman_-_Banish_Misfortune_Set $0.50
Beautiful Day $0.50
Shaman_-_The_Green_Man_live $0.50
Shaman_-_The_Snows-The_Rights_of_Man $0.50
Shaman_-_Ode_to_Mother_Earth_live $0.50
Shaman_-_The_Lonesome_Boatman $0.50
Shaman_-_Drowsey_Maggie_Set $0.50
Shaman_-_Rakish_Paddy_Set $0.50
N/A Shaman_-The_Two_Witches $0.50
Shaman_-_Revenge_of_the_Earth $0.50
Shaman_-_Sun_Fire_Song $0.50

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