Trees of Pan / Mystical Journey
2 cds by Catalina Colibri. Mystical Journey was her first released album of solo harp music. This is a lovely set of melodies ideal for relaxation and meditation. The Trees of Pan is Catalina's second album. Both are soothing, beautiful harp music ready to calm your nerves and lighten your heart.

Title Cost
N/A Wild Mountain Thyme $0.50
N/A Trees of Pan $0.50
N/A Si Beag Si Mor $0.50
N/A Ramble to Cashel $0.50
N/A Petronella $0.50
N/A Oak and Ash and Thorn $0.50
N/A Le Homme Arme $0.50
N/A Lauda de Santa Maddelena $0.50
N/A La Rota $0.50
N/A Greensleeves $0.50
N/A Goddesses $0.50
N/A Fanny Power $0.50
N/A Cucanandy $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Scarborough Fair $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Roslyn Castle $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Nonesuch $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Jock O'Hazeldean $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Quant Je Voy Yver Retorner $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Douce Dame Jolie $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Spagnoletta $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Brian Boru's March $0.50
N/A (Mystical Journey) Mystical Journey $0.50

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