Mystic Minstrels - The Dance Goes On
Pure unadulterated Renaissance Faire string band music! With Terry McAnn after years of training (who's now went on to be upstate NY Irish band wunderkind). From driving reels and Tom of Bedlam to just pure fun. Catalina's harp shines through this fine recording of the 3-piece Mystic Minstrels band.

Styles: Celtic Folk
Release Date: 31 Jul 2004

Title Cost
The Four Seasons $0.50
Tom of Bedlam $0.50
The Blackbird Set $0.50
Staines Morris $0.50
Out on the Ocean Set $0.50
Oak and Ash and Thorn $0.50
Lanigan's Ball $0.50
Jenny's Chickens $0.50
Forest of Garth Set $0.50
Dogs Among the Bushes Set $0.50
Slides Set $0.50
Cook in the Kitchen Set $0.50
Blarney Pilgrim Set $0.50

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